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Junior Knicks Summer Camp 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the refund policy? 

Upon any cancellation prior to June 1, 2018, the Knicks will send you a full refund, minus a $50 per camp session cancellation fee. All payments become non-refundable on June 1, 2018, unless camper sustains an injury or illness that precludes him/her from participating and such cancellation is accompanied by a valid doctor's note. Refunds due to injury or illness once camp has begun will be based on number of days attended by camper and remaining during the camp session. The New York Knicks reserve the right to cancel the camp for any reason at anytime. In the event that camp activities are cancelled, all fees will be refunded in the same manner as  they were received. 

2. How many camp sessions? 

We will host 12 camp sessions for the summer of 2018

3. How much is Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is priced at $525 per session, $475 if you use a Chase card (Chase discounts are applied at checkout).

4. Will lunch be provided for the children? 

Lunch is provided for every session. If your child has a special diet you are encouraged to bring your own bag lunch.

5. Will uniforms be provided? 

Uniforms will be provided for the children.

6. Will there be giveaways? 

Giveaways will be provided for the children. 

7. Will there be any current Knicks players at summer camp? 

There will be current Knicks players, coaches, and staff, as well as former Knicks players and NBA personalities. 

*Please note all Knicks, Alumni, and NBA personalities are based on availability.

8. Will transportation be provided? 

Transportation will not be provided. 

9. My son/daughter will be 6 in July, can i still register for camp now? 

Yes you can. Please change your child's birth year in order to register for camp, otherwise the system will not allow you to pick the camp dates you desire. So if your son/daughter was born in 2009, change it to 2008 and you will be allowed to register. 

10. How do I get a Chase discount? 

*NOTE. After signing up your child you will pick the camp session you desire, right below that you will need to enter the first 6 digits of your chase card for the discount code to be applied. DO NOT CHECK OUT WITHOUT ENTERING YOUR CHASE 6 DIGITS.

11. What is the maximum number of children in each session, and what is the coach-child ratio?

Each session has a 120 camper limit. The coach ratio is usually one coach for seven to ten kids. It usually depends on how many camp participants attend.  

We look forward to seeing you at our Junior Knicks 2018 Summer Basketball Camp

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